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FILT’RAY 2G filters are recommended for waterborne pathogens risks and preventing Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs) and constitute an immediate physical barrier against all water contaminants to reduce human risks. This technology enables you to rapidly secure faucets, showers and ice machines and ensures a high fow rate for increased ease of use.

Our faucet filters will prevent the discharge of planktonic legionella & pseudomonas and others waterborne pathogens from your water. They can be used as a temporary measure throughout a building and as a long term measure in high risk units with immune compromised patients.

These filters have a higher tolerance to early blockage due to a self-cleaning membrane – Bubl’air Wash™ which results in a longer lasting filter. The Ultraresistant tubular membrane provides sterilizing-grade microfiltration and preserves the water’s sensory qualities.

We have faucet filters available with a straight or shower outlet.

Our filters have a very flexible user life of 1, 2, 3 & 4 months which provides for optimal cost savings.



Characteristics FILT’RAY 2G 
Device materials MBS
Membrane type tubular microfiltration
Membrane material Polyethylene
Pore size 0.1 µm
Filtration flow rate 6,3 L/min at 3 bar – 2,2 L/min at 1 bar (Faucet filters)

11.9 L/min at 3 bar – 4.5 L/min at 1 bar (Shower filters)

Range of use 5 bars at 60°C
Resistance to thermal shock 70 °C during 30 minutes
Resistance to chemical shock 100 ppm active chlorine during a cumulative total of 1 hour 

100 ppm active chlorine during a cumulative total of 2 hours

100 ppm active chlorine during a cumulative total of 3 hours

100 ppm active chlorine during a cumulative total of 4 hours


FILT’RAY 2G FILTERS 31 days 62 days 3 months 4 months
Filtration membrane
surface area
2800 cm² 3200 cm²
Membrane thickness 85 µm 110 µm 85 µm 110 µm
Available Non Sterile Yes Yes Yes Yes
Available Sterile Yes Yes No No


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